We won’t sell your information – PROMISE!

If you enter your email address or phone number to get reminders from EventCalc, we will not sell, or give away your information to anyone. Period. We don’t like spam and we take security (ours and yours) very seriously.

We will store that information only for as long as we need to in order to send you the reminders that you have requested. Once we have sent you the last reminder, your information is deleted within seven days (we do garbage collection once a week).

We also won’t use the information ourselves except to send you the reminders that you have requested. So you can expect to hear from us only when you want to.

It is all too common for companies to give you something for “free” but they will take your personal information and sell it to anyone who will pay for it. That makes the service they are providing actually very expensive to you – and you’ve become the product. That’s not nice.

We do this for fun and hope that it brings some joy to you. We promise that we will not make you a target by misusing your personal information.

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