Welcome to SoggySoft

Hello World!

That’s how it usually starts so that’s what we are going to go with.

Welcome to the home of SoggySoft, your source for all-wet software. We do a number of things here, some serious, most not. Almost all of the projects we work on are web-based applications that do various things, most are for fun and some do real work for organizations that are doing good things locally and around the world.

Almost certainly you have been directed here from one of those projects (nobody comes here otherwise). Most projects have links in the menu (above) so click it and get on with why you are here. There are other projects that we don’t talk about – if you are looking for one of those you will have to use the other established channels you already know about. If you are one of those lucky(ish) people who just landed here by accident then poke around and see what you think.

If you have questions or want to comment about anything here in the projects that we work on or support send us an email. We promise we will read it. We don’t promise we will respond but someone might.

The SoggySoft Team.

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