EventCalc – Data We Collect

If you read our FAQs, Terms and Conditions, or Privacy Policy you must be really bored! Also, you would know that we don’t keep your data any longer than we have to to keep the service running. What does that mean, exactly? Read on!

This is a web service!

Whether you know it or not, web servers that pump out web pages like this one, EventCalc and everything else on the internet have to keep track of who they are sending information to. When you request a page or some information or something the server on the other end collects information about the device that you are making the request from. This makes it possible for the server to send back the bits that make up the thing you have asked for. While it is doing that, it also records the information in a log. The log make it possible for the people responsible for the server to troubleshoot problems.

The log also allows people who are responsible for the service to understand more about the people who are interacting with it. Some of that information is used by the developers who write the code to make the code work better. A lot of that information is used to better understand how people are using the service and what they might like to see more of or what they never look at. It helps them understand how to make the service better for the end user.

The data that the log captures is not what most people would consider “personally identifiable information” (PII). It isn’t things like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. It does have your IP address, though, which in the European Union is considered to be PII even though it probably changes relatively often, especially if you are on a mobile device.

The EventCalc server collects all of this information. We use it exactly as we described above – to help us write code that will work for the people who visit the site, to understand how people are using the site and how often (indicating popularity). We want to make popular things work better and want to not spend a lot of time on things people don’t use.

Tracking YOU

The stuff that the server captures isn’t really there to track you as a person. It is only there so that the whole web experience works. There are a lot of other ways that you can be tracked on the internet.

One of them is a service by Google called Google Analytics (GA). We use GA to help us understand more about the kinds of people who visit EventCalc. The information that we use from GA is in aggregate form – we don’t care about individuals – so we are not trying to track individuals. GA is, though, through the Google family of products including, among other things, Google Adsense.

We use is Google Adsense for our advertising. When you see an ad on EventCalc it is coming from them. They do tracking of their own to figure out which ads to show to which person. This tracking is capable of identifying you, as an individual, and track where you go around the web. EventCalc and SoggySoft doesn’t have access to this information but you could argue that we benefit from it through more targeted (and, therefor, more effective) advertising. (Advertising is the only way we can keep the lights on at EventCalc – it pays for all of our servers and development.)

Stuff You Give Us

If you ask us to send you an reminder you have to give us a way to contact you so we can send you the reminder. That is either in the form of an email or a phone number for SMS messages. It is also possible that you could put some PII in the message for the reminder (like a name). We only use that information to send you the reminder. We don’t and will not ever share or sell that information with anyone else. We keep it in our database and that is where it stays until we have sent all the reminders you asked for. Our trash robot then removes the record of the reminder from the database within two weeks of the last one being sent. Normally, it happens much faster than that.

You might ask us to never send you another email or message. If you do that, we store your address in a way that we can’t ever read it. We do that because we can’t delete it but we also don’t want to know it.


To sum it all up,

  • we keep some information about your session(s) with us but only because that is how the web works;
  • we only look at that data in aggregate to help us prioritize what we work on to make EventCalc better;
  • Google products that we use do track you like they do all over the web;
  • We only keep stuff you give us until we don’t need it anymore;

We’re pretty adamant about that last one. We won’t sell or share any of our database information with anyone. If someone shows up with a court order, we will, of course, give them what they legal are entitled to. But that’s it. We do this for fun and for it to be fun you need to trust that we aren’t going to abuse that trust.