Move-Rx was a web application designed to allow Physical Therapists to prescribe home exercises to their patients complete with drawings, photos and videos that show how to perform the exercises.  It was written a long time ago before HTML5 and a lot of new technologies that make something like this a lot easier to build.  It was also built without any third-party libraries – it is all hand-coded.  That was a pretty hard-headed thing to do but it got me into the depths of JavaScript and PHP.  Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to learn things.

Move-Rx didn’t do well in the market and there are several much newer services available that do essentially the same thing and maybe even better.  That said, it still runs on its own – it was built to survive the Apocalypse and run without any intervention.  It even cleans up after itself.

I keep it alive  so that the schools that use it can continue to use it.  There are a couple of friends in the PT business that still use it for their patients, too.  If you want to poke around in it just sign up as a student.  Remember – it was written a long time ago.

At the time of this writing (November, 2018) I have re-written all of the database functions to conform to the latest versions of PHP.  The old mysql_ methods were depreciated in version 5 (Move-Rx was written in the time of version 4) and they were removed in version 7.  My host has decided not to support version 5 after 2018 so I had to either shut it down or update it.  I was also able to fix a number of things while I was at it so Move-Rx should be ready to go for 10 more years.