FSLog was written a long, long time ago to solve a personal problem and help out a virtual airline* that needed a better way of doing things.  It is really just a way to log flight simulation hours with some additional functionality centered around sending PIREPS** to hub managers.

That was a long time ago and the need really went away along with the virtual airlines that used it.  Most of the users went away too, except for a couple who are really consistent about using it to keep track of their virtual flying hours.  I continue to support it for them.

This was the login page for version 2. I got pretty far along on it and then life happened. Maybe I’ll build a version 3 someday.

I have BIG PLANS for updating it.  I only need the time.  There are a bunch of other things that are higher priority but some day….   Some day.

You can get to FSlog by going here: http://fslog.soggysoft.com

* Virtual Airlines are organizations that act like real airlines to give structure to flight simulation fans.  Some are really complex and have pilot ranks, virtual budgeting, automated flight tracking, etc.  Many operate in the VATSIM worldwide virtual airspace.  There is a whole virtual world out there.

** PIREPs are pilot reports.