Other Projects

Other things we have going on:

Technology Update for Bainbridge Youth Services

Bainbridge Youth Services (BYS) has been around since the early 1960’s and has helped countless youth through free, private counseling, jobs programs and other services.  Their offices in the 100 building on the BHS campus is being demolished along with the rest of the building so it is time to move.  With that, we are taking the opportunity to re-imagine their support technology – everything from facilities (network, computers, software) to how they manage their files (clinical and otherwise).  This is a long term project.

Registration for the Bainbridge Youth Services Grand Old Fourth Fun Run/Walk

Originally this project involved building a registration form for preregistration and day-of registration for the Fun Run races. The first iteration was very specific to the known problems and it worked!  Now, it needs to be re-imagined so that it is more flexible, allows for non-skilled users to manage it and will be useful for more than just the fun run.

Web Presence, Shared Resources and other Technology Solutions for BI-K

BI-K (or Bainbridge Island-Kitezh) is an organization that has been taking Bainbridge high school kids around the world on service learning trips since 2001.  The first 15 years were to Russia.  That got hard so now the teams go to Nepal to do valuable community service work, learn about Nepal and their culture, and, most importantly, learn about themselves and how they can impact the World.  Their technology stack includes a website, email infrastructure, shared resources on the MS Office365 platform and anything else that they do that needs electricity to work.

Their website is here: bi-k.org