EventCalc – the best Half Birthday Calculator in the world.* The new, completely rewritten version is more accurate and more flexible and it works on mobile devices**

You can read our FAQ here: EventCalc FAQ

What to know what data we collect and how we use it?  Read about it here.  Warning – this is very long and boring.  Don’t read this with your device above your head, it will only fall on you when you pass out from the boredom.  We do not recommend it as a sleep aid but it might be a good option if you need a nap.

The rest speaks for itself.  If you would like to speak to us about EventCalc, please send us an email here: support@eventcalc.com.

*This has not been verified. Kind of like the largest purple spoon*** in the world which is in East Glacier Park, MT. It is hard to justify the trip to Montana just to see the spoon but it is easy to justify the trip to EventCalc because it is so easy to get to.

**It works on your mobile device, right? If it doesn’t we want to know about it. Tell us what device you have and what the problem is. We promise we will think about fixing it.

***What is it about giant purple stuff? There is a pair of giant purple Adirondack chairs on the shore of Appletree Cove in Kingston, Washington. If you know about any giant purple stuff let us know and maybe we’ll start a page listing them.