BIFR2 – A workable BIFR

BIFR is Bainbridge Island Fun Run.  This is an annual event that happens every Fourth of July and is run by and benefits Bainbridge Youth Services (BYS).  BYS asked me to help them with the event, specifically in terms of how participants preregistered for the races, day-of registration and getting that data to the chip timing service they were implementing for the first time.  There were a lot of unknowns and a lot of limitations to what we could use because of their existing tech stack.

I hacked bunch of things together to make it work but it was extremely manual and complex to do what should have been a relatively simple thing.  In the end it was very successful and it generated a lot of data points into how it should really work, what was important and what was actually needed to create a successful race.

With all that new information and experience it is time to write something that will actually work and be efficient at the same time.  Enter BIFR2.

BIFR2 is a completely new system of registration, payment, management and reporting features that will support multiple events from multiple organizations.  There are a number of organizations that have expressed interest in what we did for the FunRun so the need is there.

This project has just started so it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.